Sunday · January 6 · 16.00

New Years Concert

Galina´s Salon with Vesna Djordevic (soprano), Jens Christian Wandt (tenor), Søren Rasmussen (organ).
Programme: Strauss, Pucinni, Händel.
Admission: 150 kr.

Saturday · February 2 · 16.00

Candlemass Concert

Musicians: Lise Robenhagen Hjørne (soprano), Maika Nikolajsen (clarinet), Knud-Erik Thrane (piano). 
Pastor Gurli Møller Andreasen.
Programme: Hymns and songs celebrating the return of the light.
Admission: 50 kr.

Tuesday · March 19 · 19.00

Night Song with the Mayer

Mayer Birgit Stenbak Hansen has chosen some of her favorite song for us to sing togeher this night. She is going to tell us the story of the songs and her love for them.
Free admission.

Saturday · April 4 · 19.30

Cancer Charity Concert

Stafet for Livet. With participant from local choirs and musicians.
Free admission. Donations received with thanks.

Sunday · April 14 · 15.00

Easter Concert, Faure´s Requiem

Programme: Faure´s Requiem and easter hymns
Musicians: The Concert Choir from Vejgaard Church, the vocal group Oktogon, Peter Sloth Andersen (choir leader), Søren Rasmussen (organ).
Admission: 50 kr. Youth under 18 free.

Lørdag · April 27 · 16.00

Spring Concert

Programme: "I Det Fri" with music by Erling Kullberg and lyrics by the Danish poet and pastor, Kaj Munk.
Participants: Frederikshavn Bykor (choir), Skørpingkoret (choir), Søren Rasmussen (orgel), Søren Steen Nielsen (choir leader), 
Free admission.